We believe packaging designs is an art of sales that’s why we create innovative and eye-catching packaging designs that hold attention of the customers. To maximize your business potential and translate your vision throughout every touch point, we offer a broad range of design services.

Designing Packaging To Remember


  • Consumer Goods Packaging: Customers often make their decisions to purchase a product based on what captures their attention first. Company’s overall appeal of it’s products is reinforced through creative packaging design. Thus, creating a major impact on sales.
  • Functional Packaging Selection: We offer high performance materials that meet your superior performance demands and a high level of technical support to help you develop best-in-class products for your customers.

CPG Packaging

7Kreinto specializes in creating Consumer Goods Packaging solutions that uplift sales at retail stores, interest new audiences, and outspread the mind-share of your products through functional as well as visual application.

Product Displays

Product Display is a way to communicate with the customer and give them a message about what your brand stands for. Creating an attractive product display can draw the customer in and boost the sale.



Graphics and Rendering

We use specific software and processes to create 3D AutoCAD renderings of your packaging, as well as support with communication components such as content, design, typography, design and colour.

Substrate Selection

With so many options on the market deciding between plastic, paper, or new solutions may be challenging. We will guide you on the right innovative choices to diminish costs and drive sales.

Molds and Die-Cutting

In an ever-growing sector like packaging, 7Kreinto would be the first choice to be adapted when it comes to molds and die-cutting. All shapes and sizes, at the preferred budget!!

Product Packaging Design Inside Track

Packaging and Design Production

Our design team has specialization in creating eye catching packaging for your products. We design innovative and unique packaging design for a wide range of products.

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